Our Nova Titan Pergola Range is our premium range of pergolas and is made with powder coated aluminium framework and louvres from head to toe.  Our Titan range is specifically designed to be protected from the UV in the suns rays and will not fade or weather in other ways from the nasty effects of the sun.  Protecting your purchase from the UK weather is Summer & Winters number 1 priority.  There is little maintenance required when looking after your Titan Pergola,  simply wash down with warm soapy water and rinse when in need of a clean.

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On top of of the standard powder coating that we offer on all of our outdoor aluminium framed titan pergolas, we also offer further protection by finished each one with our TIGER Drylac Powder Coating offering even further protection from the harsh British weather. The Titan Pergola Range is designed to create a longer British summer.  The Louvres are able to open and close on these pergolas meaning you can open the slats when the weather is perfect and also close the slats when the weather is not so great.  So its your choice! Protect yourself from the sun or sit in the shade.  The sets are also water proof so you can sit in the rain and not get wet from our inconsistent weather patterns if you get caught out! The drainage system that the titan range has built in is also second to none.  the rain water will simply roll off the louvres and down the frame work and drain away safely. This genius system means that you'll never see the water draining off of the pergola. We have various sizes available and also wall mounted pergolas in the titan range.  Feel free to call us for a friendly chat.