Can rattan furniture stay out in the rain

Rattan garden furniture stands as a favored choice for outdoor spaces in the UK, where unpredictable weather often prompts the question, “Can rattan furniture get wet?” Fortunately, we’ve got the information you’re seeking.

In the UK, rattan garden furniture is exclusively synthetic, steering clear of natural rattan made from abaca (palm) strands found in Southeast Asian jungles, which tends to rot in damp climates. Synthetic rattan, crafted from either PVC or PE, forms a highly pliable plastic that comes in various shapes and colour options. Notably more durable than its natural counterpart, synthetic rattan is well-suited for the UK climate, ensuring longevity.

Synthetic PE vs PVC Rattan

Choosing between PE and PVC rattan involves weighing the differences in their properties. PE stands out as the superior choice for rattan garden furniture, boasting full weatherproofing, UV protection, frost resistance, and the ability to withstand moisture without rotting or sustaining damage. On the other hand, PVC, while weather-resistant and capable of withstanding moisture, is less cold-resistant and may become brittle, risking breakage.

Aluminium vs Steel Frames

When considering the exposure of rattan furniture to rain, it’s crucial to assess not only the rattan type but also the frame material. Rattan patio furniture typically features either aluminium or steel frames. Aluminium frames, being fully weatherproof, resist rust even in damp conditions. Conversely, steel frames, under prolonged exposure to wet weather, may rust, leaving stubborn orange stains on patio or decking surfaces.

Weatherproof Qualities

White Stores takes pride in utilizing top-notch materials for their rattan garden furniture—HDPE synthetic rattan and powder-coated aluminium frames. This ensures that their rattan can endure outdoor conditions year-round, retaining its pristine condition. To reinforce this durability, White Stores offers extensive guarantees, providing peace of mind to customers.

While weatherproof covers are available, they are not essential due to the rattan’s inherent weather resistance. However, they add an extra layer of protection against dirt and residues left by frost or snow. In essence, White Stores’ rattan furniture is unquestionably capable of withstanding wet conditions.

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