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Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pergolas

Are you currently revamping your garden and yearning to extend your indoor living experience to the great outdoors? Do you envision your garden becoming an integral part of your home, offering additional space for relaxation and social gatherings? You’re not alone in this desire. According to Horticulture Magazine, a staggering 87% of UK households boast a garden, with spending on garden products anticipated to surpass £6.5 billion by 2025. Notably, 22% of UK garden enthusiasts are opting to downsize their lawns to make room for captivating garden features, such as pergolas.

Understanding Pergolas:

Picture pergolas as an elegant shelter for your garden, bidding farewell to the days of waiting for rain clouds to disperse or seeking shade as the afternoon sun extends beyond your home. Pergolas serve as remarkable additions to patio seating areas or outdoor activities like hot tubs, available in freestanding structures or as attachments to your house.

Our pergolas offer versatility, adapting to your preferences and weather conditions. Imagine a beautiful, sunny morning – you can open the louvres of your pergola, letting the sunshine warm your dining area. Yet, if afternoon storm clouds roll in and rain begins to fall, fear not. Simply close the louvres using the convenient crank handle system or button, depending on your pergola model. This stylish and functional structure is the perfect enhancement for any garden.

How Can a Pergola Enhance My Garden Experience?

While pergolas undeniably provide excellent shaded retreats for those seeking respite from the sun, their benefits extend beyond mere shade. Consider the inevitability of summer rain; however, with a pergola equipped with a superb drainage system, you can continue enjoying your indoor-outdoor lifestyle without worrying about getting wet.

For those desiring privacy in their hot tub oasis, certain pergolas in our collection offer optional privacy screens. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with visibility from within while maintaining a barrier against prying eyes. Plus, these screens contribute to additional shade.

An interesting fact: you don’t need planning permission for a pergola, making it a fantastic alternative to home extensions if you’re looking to expand your hosting space. Pergolas also serve as versatile canvases for injecting style into your garden. Get imaginative and add waterproof LED lights or faux plants for a touch of color and flair.

Points to Consider When Purchasing a Pergola: For optimal functionality, ensure the ground beneath your pergola is flat and level. Uneven flooring can impact the drainage system and compromise aesthetics.

Material choice is crucial when selecting a pergola. Aluminum pergolas, requiring minimal maintenance, are available, but if the charm of a wooden pergola beckons, commit to regular upkeep, including staining, sealing, and painting.

Keep in mind that pergolas can be sizeable and hefty to assemble, a task best accomplished with 2-3 individuals working together for efficiency and safety. Assembly may take approximately 2 hours, but fear not – our user-friendly instructions are provided. Alternatively, take advantage of our assembly service (location dependent).

If, after reading this blog, you find a pergola aligns with your vision for outdoor space, visit one of our showrooms. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is ready to showcase our diverse range of pergolas, allowing you to witness their functionality and beautiful designs firsthand. Seeking inspiration? Check out our Instagram and Pinterest pages, where creative customers and collaborators have showcased their styled pergolas.