Important Information about your Gas Firepit

  1. Selecting the Right Gas Bottle: When using our gas firepits, such as coffee tables, dining, or casual dining tables, it’s crucial to use a patio gas bottle. These are the green propane-filled bottles, as they are the only type compatible with the clip-on regulator supplied with our systems. We recommend a 5kg bottle, especially for sets with storage space, ensuring a neat fit and preventing potential damage.
  2. Cost of Gas Bottles: The cost of a gas bottle varies depending on the supplier, but on average, a 5kg patio gas bottle may be around £60. Typically, this includes a £30 bottle hire fee and the initial £30 fill of gas. Many suppliers refund the £30 when you return the gas bottle, making it a one-time cost. For your convenience, check to find the nearest retailer for purchasing gas bottles and refills.
  3. Refill Costs: The cost of refilling a 5kg patio gas bottle ranges between £20-30. Some suppliers may offer refill agreements for a fee, providing discounted refills for returning customers.
  4. Duration of Gas Bottles: The duration of a gas bottle depends on the firepit’s settings. For instance:
    • 50 x 50cm Square System: Approximately 12kW, lasting around 6 hours on full heat.
    • 115 x 25cm Rectangular System: Approximately 15kW, lasting around 4.5 hours on full heat.
    • 80cm Round System: Approximately 18kW, lasting around 4 hours on full heat. Lowering the heat setting significantly extends the duration.
  5. Expected Cost Per Hour: The cost per hour varies based on gas bottle and refill expenses, as well as the chosen firepit setting. For example, a £30 gas refill used for 6 hours on full heat costs £5 per hour, while the same refill used for 10 hours on low heat costs only £3 per hour.

If you’re in the market for our gas firepits, we offer a diverse selection, including GRC coffee tables with fire pits, ideal for complementing outdoor furniture sets. For larger options, consider our rattan casual dining or dining sets with fire pit tables, providing versatility for extra dining space or outdoor heating. For assistance or more information, our customer service team is available through our new live chat feature.