Renew your old furniture with Summer & Winter

Perhaps you have a particular piece of furniture that begs for replacement, but the perfect replacement hasn’t crossed your path. Like any living space, your garden deserves a bit of tender loving care (TLC) and an occasional makeover, especially if you’ve opted for budget-friendly garden furniture.

Fortunately, at White Stores, we provide all the essentials to breathe new life into your outdoor haven, creating a space where countless hours can be spent with family and friends for many years to come.

Revitalize Your Seating Area

The initial step in rejuvenating your patio is to focus on your garden furniture. Swapping out old or worn-out furniture can instantaneously brighten your outdoor space. With garden furniture continually evolving, staying on-trend is a breeze.

For instance, aluminium garden furniture and outdoor fabric furniture have been dominating trends in recent years. Aluminium furniture exudes a modern aura with its sleek, minimalistic design, featuring striking elements like angled armrests and a contemporary matte finish. On the other hand, fabric furniture stands out with its soft finish, smooth curved edges, and meticulous detailing.

Beyond their stylish designs, these furniture pieces boast industry-leading technology. Our aluminium products are coated with AkzoNobel, a top-tier powder coating ensuring weatherproof durability. Meanwhile, our outdoor fabric furniture incorporates quick-dry technology and stain-resistant features.

For those seeking a balance between entertainment and relaxation, our recommendation is to explore our casual dining sets, sofas, and corner sofas from the aluminium and outdoor fabric ranges. Pairing these with our firepits extends your garden’s usability, maximizing your enjoyment of the space.

Consider complementing these furniture ranges with our Glass Reinforced Concrete firepits, as their modular, modern design seamlessly aligns with the refined aesthetic of aluminium and outdoor fabric.

State-of-The-Art Structures

Integrating a contemporary outdoor structure into your garden instantly propels your space into the modern age. Our award-winning garden pergolas, requiring no planning permission, stand as stunning state-of-the-art structures that will make your garden a topic of conversation.

Crafted from a combination of galvanized steel and aluminium or entirely from aluminium, our pergolas are weatherproof, with the aluminium-based structures being rust-resistant. The Halo range, in particular, epitomizes modernity with its motorized double-louvered roof and color-changing LED lights, breathing life into your garden. Privacy screens or aluminium side walls (exclusive to the Titan range) provide additional options for customization.